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What To Bring


Horse with Bow and Arrows

Gear up for Your Guided Hunts By Learning What to Bring Along

The price of your guided hunt allows for you to bring up to 70 pounds. This includes your backpack, (backpacks will be packed in with your gear on a pack horse). Extra gear will require an extra pack animal and will result in extra cost. Keep in mind that 2 small duffle bags are easier to pack than 1 large bag, so please pack wisely.

Below is a list of items Big Timber Outfitters recommends you bring to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Be sure to keep the season and weather in mind as you pack, as temperatures can dramatically swing in a single day, so the ability to shed and add layers is essential to your comfort. Deep snow and extremely cold temperatures are the norm during the winter months. This is especially true during mountain lion season, when temperatures dip into the sub-zeros.

Hunting Essentials

• One (1) Sleeping Bag
(Rating of at Least "10 Degrees" from Late August–September & "0 Degrees" through Winter Months)
• One (1) Heavy, Warm Coat
(Preferably Camo, Waterproof, & Heavy)
• One (1) Light Jacket or Windbreaker
• Two (2) Warm Caps
(Stocking Cap/Baseball Style Cap)
• Two (2) Pair Wool or Insulated/Waterproof Pants
• Two (2) Pair Jeans

• Two (2) Changes of Thermal Underwear
(Top & Bottom)
• One (1) Set Proper Camouflage Clothing
• Two (2) Pair Boots
(1 Pair Warm & Waterproof, 1 Pair Light Hiking & Gaiters)
• One (1) Pair Comfy Camp Shoes or Slippers
• Six (6) Pair Warm Socks
• One (1) Pair Warm Gloves
• One (1) Set Quiet Rain Gear

Weapon & Ammunition/Arrows

• Flashlight with Spare Batteries
• Quality Hunting Knife
• Binoculars
• Shatterproof Water Bottle or Canteen
• Waterproof Matches & Lighter

• Emergency Blanket
• Day Pack
• Heavy-Duty Game Bags
• Bow Sling

Tackle Box with Extra Supplies

• Extra Bow String & Stringer (When Applicable)
• Extra Broad Heads (When Applicable)
• Practice Tips (When Applicable)
• Camouflage Face Paint

• Pliers
• Masking Scents
• First Aid Kit
• Game Calls

Personal Items

• Toothbrush & Toothpaste
• Biodegradable Soap
• Wash Cloth & Towel
• Camera
• Prescription/OTC Drugs


Reservations and Cancellation on Hunting Trips

On Hunting Trips, a 50% deposit is required upon booking your 8-day hunt. This deposit is non- refundable. If you are concerned about the possibility of having to cancel, we suggest that you consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance from a travel agent. The remaining balance is due upon arrival of your scheduled hunt.

All land-based activities are subject to a 6% Idaho sales tax.

Liability and Safety

We make every effort to ensure that your hunt/trip is enjoyable and safe. Your guide will give you instructions before and during your hunt, so it is important that you listen and follow these instructions. During your hunt, you will assume the responsibility for many decisions that could affect your safety. These activities can be physically demanding with inherent elements of risk and dangers that are beyond our control. We do not assume liability for personal injury or death. We require a signed release that we provide and all participation is at your own risk. Different types of hunts require varying degrees of fitness. We are not qualified to evaluate your fitness, so you must evaluate your own fitness.

Hunting/Wound Loss Policy

If a hunter wounds an animal, Idaho law requires that every effort is made to retrieve it. We take this seriously as this precious resource is limited. We will consider an animal wounded by a hunter his or her animal and will spend the remainder of the hunt searching for it. It would be unsportsmanlike and irresponsible to do otherwise.

Types of Payment We Accept

We accept Checks and Cash.


Gratuities are entirely at the guests choosing and are greatly appreciated!

Make sure you’re prepared for your independent or guided hunts by contacting your hunting outfitter now at (208) 993-0194 in Salmon, Idaho, for additional packing information.